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What We Do

Collaboration is Key

We have a highly integrated and collaborative approach to course production. Each course is developed with a team of professionals, not a single instructional designer. All professionals working on course development report through the same unit ensuring we are laser-focused on providing a quality student experience. A rigorous internal review process ensures all aspects of the course meet quality standards and promote student engagement.

What Projects Can We Work on Together?

From great collaborations come true innovations. We love to collaborate with other colleagues to gain fresh perspectives on learning design and multimedia projects. Our team includes instructional designers, videographers, graphic designers, and multimedia designers who develop learning experiences focused on targeted learning objectives that align with innovative, rigorous assignments having clear expectations. 

In production, the design team employs such technology and applications such as: 

  • DesignPLUS
  • Flipgrid
  • In-studio lightboard
  • Perusall
  • Playposit
  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Teamwork 
  • Viar360

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We Can Discuss UF+QM Standards for Review

Quality Matters (QM) provides the guidance for course design but does not evaluate teaching or engagement. UF added 17 items to the QM rubric to evaluate online engagement in: Instructor Team Presence, Community and Relationships, and Feedback. We use these integrated UF+QM Standards to guide our development. During the course's first iteration, our instructional designers request student feedback about learning design, teaching presence, and learner engagement to complete our review and provide informed recommendations to our faculty developers.

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Our Quality Standards Focus on Student Engagement

Instructor Team Presence

  • The instructor team is visibly present throughout the course via frequent text, audio and/or visual communications. 
  • The instructor proactively addresses problems as they emerge and is responsive to student concerns. 
  • The instructor consistently demonstrates enthusiasm for the course subject matter. 

Community & Relationships

  • The instructor provides space and encouragement for students to develop an online learning community. 
  • The instructor creates an inclusive, supportive, and engaging climate, through a variety of methods. 
  • Course activities are scheduled and available with sufficient time to allow students to manage their workload. 


  • Feedback is provided insufficient time for students to progress.
  • The instructor team provides constructive and balanced feedback that acknowledges strengths as well as areas for improvement. 
  • The instructor requests student feedback on the course (assignments, materials and/or presentations). 
  • The instructor demonstrates ongoing changes and improvements based on constructive student feedback provided in the current or previous term.