SWS4180 - Earth System Analysis

In Earth System Analysis, students have easy access to instructor and peer engagement. PlayPosit videos help students assess their learning and receive immediate feedback while interacting with course lectures.

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CLP3144 - Abnormal Psychology

Dr. Wang’s Abnormal Psychology course is inspired by role-playing games and invites students to become an “explorer.” By collecting learning assets, they journey through course material and develop content mastery.

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SWS4204 - Urban Water and Soil Systems

Dr. Smidt teaches Urban Water and Soil Systems using accordions to organize dense course content on Canvas pages. Organizing the content into reading material, lectures, images, and additional resources allows learners to choose what content they see and keeps the page uncluttered.

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DIG3526 - Custom Course Design

In Das Design and Production Studio 2, Dr. Brown splits his course content into smaller microlessons. This highly interactive learning experience allows students to easily digest multi-faceted, complex topics.

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