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Collaborating with faculty; we explore authentic and innovative ways to develop impactful online courses. We empower faculty to create engaging learning experiences for students that are anything but ordinary.

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COIP Services

COIP Services

We can help you produce and deliver online courses and programs, as well as standalone instructional videos and other multimedia assets. Read more about our design services below.

Full Course Design

From mapping out a course to final production review, COIP instructional designers, multimedia specialists, and video team members coordinate with instructors to produce high-quality, ADA compliant courses within a semester. We provide full design services for new courses and support them through their first launch.  We also work with faculty to keep courses fresh and current through our course refresh design services. View this course design timeline page for an overview of our course production procedure.

UF Online Programmatic Instructional Design

In an effort to create a familiar working environment for students, we brand courses and programs with cohesive designs in support of learning. To help manage programs we create libraries that include links to courses already produced for the program, their Canvas templates and PowerPoints, and any other notes.

Pre-launch Readiness Support

In order to help students have the smoothest online experience at the start of a semester, COIP assists instructors with pre-launch readiness. We ensure every UF Online course has a Canvas shell, has course content, and is published by the first day of classes.

Course Evaluation

At the end of course productions, instructional designers evaluate the work completed according to the UF+QM standards. This ensures that instructors have evidence to show how their courses meet online quality standards. They also receive notes and personalized tips for future course improvements.

Multimedia Content Delivery Design

Whether designing for a course or creating standalone pieces, instructional designers, multimedia specialists, and video team members collaborate with instructors to storyboard, script, and create instructional multimedia. Instructors may record at the COIP studio or on-location. All videos are closed captioned and include transcripts.

Remote Recording Consultations

There are times when faculty choose to record their lectures at their home or other remote location. We are able to assist faculty with their remote recordings by providing guidance to ensure optimal recording, offering editing services, and providing closed captioning services.

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If you would like to request a consultation regarding your online course please email coip@mail.ufl.edu

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